SGSecure Short Films Episode 1: SGSecure Responder - Mdm Gnanammal

Director | K. Rajagopal
Executive Producer | Fran Borgia
Cinematographer | Shyan Tan
Gaffer | Shihoong
Art Director | James Page
Production Company | Akanga Film Asia

Mdm Gnanammal learnt first aid in 2001. Today, she is a first aid trainer and volunteer medic at national events. Find out how she saved a man when he collapsed in an MRT train.

This series of SGSecure short films is inspired by true stories and produced in collaboration with award-winning director Boo Junfeng as the overall Creative Director and K. Rajagopal as the Film Director. The short films provide a glimpse into what inspired Singaporeans to learn life-saving skills and why they believe in stepping up to help in any emergency.