Metafrontier - Concept Trailer

A MethodnMadness Production.
In collaboration with Semicolon, Onyx Studio and Varis.

Set against the backdrop of a Mars mining base where resources are scarce and trust is a luxury, a man grows determined to challenge an oppressive regime when he becomes accused for murder.

Metafrontier is an episodic science fiction thriller about kinship, betrayal, the tragedy of survival and the primal tribalism that drive societies to revolution and war.

Executive Producer | Tan Wen Hao
Directed by Jac Min + Tan Wen Hao
Written by Jac Min
Producer | Terence Ng, Michelle Yap
Cinematography | Shyan Tan
Gaffer | Haikal Ismail
Offline | Siti Khairunnisa
Colourist | Eugene Seah
Audio | Varis - Jon Daou, Chris Randle