Shyan Tan is a cinematographer driven by a profound passion for storytelling through the lens. With a keen eye for raw emotions and an unwavering commitment to evoking feelings through visuals, he crafts immersive cinematic experiences that resonate with audiences worldwide.

His extensive portfolio encompasses a diverse range of projects, including advertisements and narrative films. Shyan's skillset has been recognized on numerous prestigious platforms. Notably, a short film that he lensed, "Strawberry Cheesecake" was selected for the 74th Locarno Film Festival, Pardi di domani Competition, and "An Island Drifts," which earned multiple accolades such as Best Drama Film at USC First Look 2022 and recognition at the Urbanworld Film Festival 2021.

Specializing in narrative storytelling, Shyan collaborates closely with directors from the early stages of script development. By establishing a strong partnership and sharing ideas, he helps bring the director's vision to life, infusing his unique perspective and visual interpretation into every frame.

In his cinematographic approach, Shyan places utmost importance on granting actors the freedom to deliver authentic performances. His lighting style, characterized by heightened realism, creates an atmosphere that enhances the mood and serves as a catalyst for emotional resonance. With a dedication to capturing the essence of each scene, he seamlessly blends light and shadow to evoke a profound sense of realism and depth.

Looking to the future, Shyan aspires to collaborate with filmmakers from around the world, engaging in projects that transcend cultural boundaries. His ultimate goal is to co-create impactful films and series that resonate with diverse audiences, showcasing the universal power of visual storytelling.